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Unbreakable Solidarity

Course Participant Page


Welcome! This page is for registrants in our 2023 Unbreakable Solidarity course. Please do not share this page with anyone who is not registered for the course. You are welcome to share specific homework materials, but not the link to the page – which will include links to recordings as they become available.

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Important Information

Homework: Homework materials for all sessions will be posted below. Please allow 2-3 hours for homework per session. We ask that everyone engage with the study materials and activities prior to each session. 

Recordings: Recordings of each live session will be available 2-3 days after it takes place. Links to these recordings will be posted at the top of the homework assignment for the corresponding session. Recordings, along with the participant page as a whole, will remain accessible through September 5, 2023 (three months after our final live session). After this, study materials will be mailed to you as a PDF and session recordings will no longer be available.

Have you visited the Logistics Page for the Course? Please allow 20 minutes to review this page and take the action steps outlined within it prior to the course. Applications for your personal zoom login must be submitted by the end of the day Saturday, April 29, in order to participate in the first live session (applications are approved manually, not instantly).

Join Our Mighty Network! Read the full invitation, which includes the link to join, here

Mighty Networks is a versatile forum for participant connection and sharing. It has similar functionality to Facebook, but more privacy. White Awake uses it as a forum for course participants to make connections with one another and exchange information, ideas, and experiences related to course curriculum. Please refer to your full invitation to join the group for this course. Once you have signed up, you can re-access the network at this link: From there, click "Groups" on the sidebar to access the course-specific group. Please notice that there is more than one " Unbreakable Solidarity" group on the network, and that you belong with the 2023 cohort. :)

Session One

Session One: Understanding White Supremacy & Capitalism

Session Recording (4/30): View Here

Chat Log: View here

Study Materials


  • Capitalism in a contemporary context | Highlighting the recent & noteworthy hearing of Howard Schultz before Congress to testify on Starbucks illegal union busting activities, our intention is for the following four materials to be demonstrative, not exhaustive. (approx 25 min total time)


  • A Liberal vs Radical Analysis of Racism – David Dean (13 min watch) Though most of this presentation applies to our work in this course, it was given in our winter ancestral recovery course and some content relates more specifically to that curriculum.



Working Class Victories!


We’ll be sharing an example of current working class victories in each of your homework assignments for the course. For this session’s homework we are highlighting the phenomenal victory of Brandon Johnson in the recent Chicago mayoral race, a victory built in large part on years of work by the Chicago Teacher's Union, one of the most militant and democratic teacher union locals in the country.


Optional/Deeper Study


Activities: View Full Assignment


Throughout this course, we will assign simple activities designed to help you internalize, in ways that go beyond the intellect, the concepts, strategies and stories (or histories) we are working with in the study materials and live sessions.


To kick off the course, we have started with a solidarity altar activity, which we will build upon as the course progresses. Please feel free to change, adapt, or otherwise personalize any activity we suggest for the course. You can find the full activity description for session one here.

Sesson 2

Session Two: Identity in Context (Developing a Healthy, Intersectional Analysis & Avoiding Distortions)

Session Recording (5/7): View Here

Chat Log: View here

Study Materials


The Evolution of Identity Politics: An Interview with Eric Ward (15-20 min read)

'Anti-Woke' Author GOES QUIET On Woke Definition | Breaking Points (5-10 min watch; while you’re welcome to watch the entire video, and/or start from the beginning, for session two we ask that you start at the point where the link takes you in the video, about 4:45 minute in, and watch through the 10:01 time stamp where Krystal wraps up her second point with the words “toxic workplace.”) | If you are not familiar with Breaking Points, you may want to read more about the show here. Co-hosts Krystal and Saagar represent progressive & conservative points of view, respectively, but share a strong affinity for the rights and wellbeing of working people. We selected this informal exchange because we felt the sentiments shared by Krystal and Saagar could stimulate our own discussion of some of the same themes.

Building Resilient Organizations: Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis - Maurice Mitchell (7-10 min read; underneath the larger heading, “Common Trends”, please read the following two sections: I. Neoliberal Identity and II. Maximalism)

Please choose one (or more) of the following resources to consider how neoliberal forces co-opt identity politics:

White Anti-Racism Must Be Based in Solidarity, Not Altruism - Jesse Myerson (15-18 min read)

Shared Foundations – Sarah Ngu (10-15 min read)

Reflection on Session Two Study Material Themes

After having read your study materials for the session, please reflect on the following quote by James Connolly, from his section on women in the 1915 publication, The Reconquest of Ireland:

None so fitted to break the chains as they who wear them, none so well equipped to decide what is a fetter. In its march towards freedom, the working class of Ireland must cheer on the efforts of those women who, feeling on their souls and bodies the fetters of the ages, have arisen to strike them off, and cheer all the louder if in its hatred of thraldom and passion for freedom the women’s army forges ahead of the militant army of Labour.

But whosoever carries the outworks of the citadel of oppression, the working class alone can raze it to the ground.


What do you think Connolly means when he writes:“None so fitted to break the chains as they who wear them …” ?

What does he mean by “... whosoever carries the outworks of the citadel of oppression …” ? Who are these people today?

Please review/refresh your memory of the article Why the Working Class? that you read for Session One. Considering the centrality of working people as a class and, in particular, the strategic power of organizing around our labor, what do you feel Connolly means when he writes “... the working class along can raze it to the ground” What might this look like today?

Working Class Victories! 


Activities: View Full Assignment

Assignment Summary: For your Session Two homework, we have outlined two types of activities for you to engage in at home: a meditation (which you may want to do near or next to your altar) and a set of action-oriented activities meant to further your engagement with a social change organization. We trust you will respect your own values, time commitments, and personal capacity to do the actions and activities that are best suited for you at this time. Click here to read the full assignment.

Session 3

Session Three: Theory, Analysis & Strategy

Session Recording (5/21): View Here

Chat Log: View here


Study Materials


Social Service or Social Change? - Paul Kivel (30-40 min read; please read the first two pages only, skipping over the reflection questions & just reading the text)


Richard Wolff: Capitalism is holding "all of us hostage" - The Real News Network interview with Wolff (20 min watch; please watch 20 minutes after the point in the video that link brings you to, stopping at the 21:44 mark, when Wolff concludes his response to Alvarez’s first prompt)


Nothing More Powerful Than A Strike - Jane McAlevey (2 min watch)


Deeper Dive into Theory (building on session two; recommended but not required)

Excerpts: Class Rules Everything Around Me - Paul Heideman (15-25 min read) | If you would like to share this article with others, please share the original version on the Jacobin site. Do not share the handout we created for this class. Ty!

Capitalism’s Crisis of Care - An Interview with Nancy Fraser (10-15 min read)

Bargaining for the Common Good


“There Are So Many Things That We Can Learn From This Strike” - Jacobin interview with Alex Caputo-Pearl (15-20 min read; please read the first half of this interview, stopping at the end of Caputo-Pearl’s response to the question, “We’ve seen this wave of teachers’ strikes across the country. Did that have any influence on your strike?”)

Oakland has a school-to-prison pipeline. The teachers’ strike is our best hope to end it. - Shane Ruiz (15-20 min read)


Working Class Victories! 

Activities: View Full Assignment

Assignment Summary: This session's activities portion first includes time with your solidarity altar to do some imagining about what a just future would look and feel like to you. Second, you'll take time to build on the “Mapping Your Personal Connections” activity from last week and continue deepening your reflection on your own personal network. Click here to read the full assignment.

Session 4

Session Four: Organizing & Application

Session Recording (6/4): View Here

Chat Log: View here

Study Materials

Strategies for Overcoming Division (20-25 min)



Organizing Basics (30-40 min)



Getting Involved (45-60 min or more) 

Activities: View Full Assignment

Assignment Summary: Your activities for session four include three sections. First, we've shared the last portion of the “Mapping Your Personal Connections” exercise. Second, you're invited to do a “personal assessment” reflecting on how you would like to shape your political life going forward. And lastly, we have a final altar activity for you. If you are short on time, we encourage you to prioritize the personal assessment as we will be asking folks to reflect on the content from this exercise in our next live session. Click here to read the full assignment.

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