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Radical Anti-Bias Education

Course Participant Page


Welcome! This page is for registrants in our 2022 summer training, "Radical Anti-Bias Education: Cultivating True Comrades in Struggle." Please do not share this page with anyone who is not registered for the training. You are welcome to share specific homework materials, but not the link to the page – which will include links to recordings as they become available.

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Important Information

Homework: Homework materials for all sessions will be posted below. Please allow 1-2 hours for homework per session. We ask that everyone engage with the study materials prior to each session. 

Recordings: Recordings of each live session will be available 2-3 days after it takes place. Links to these recordings will be posted at the top of the homework assignment for the corresponding session. Recordings, along with the participant page as a whole, will remain accessible through November 7, 2022 (three months after our final live session). After this, study materials will be e-mailed to you as a PDF and session recordings will no longer be available.

Have you visited the Logistics Page for the Training? Please allow 20 minutes to review this page and take the action steps outlined within it prior to the training. Applications for your personal zoom login must be submitted by the end of the day Saturday, July 16, in order to participate in the first live session (applications are approved manually, not instantly). 

Join Our Mighty NetworkMighty Networks is a versatile forum for participant connection and sharing. It has similar functionality to Facebook, but more privacy. White Awake uses it as a forum for training participants to make connections with one another and exchange information, ideas, and experiences related to course curriculum. Read the full invitation, including the link to join, here! Once you have signed up, you can re-access the network at this link: From there, click "Groups" on the sidebar to access the training-specific group. 

Training SurveyOur team has put together this short survey that allows you to give us feedback on learning goals, facilitation and your overall experience with the training. We want to hear from you! How was your experience with the 2022 Radical Anti-Bias Education training? Please take a few minutes to let us know by clicking on the link here and filling out the survey. Participant surveys give us important insights that help us refine and build our programming over time. We appreciate your help!

Session One

Session One: Introduction & A Radical Approach to Anti-Bias Education

Session Recording (7/17): View Here

Chat Log: View Here

David's Slides: View Here

Study Materials



  • Clip from Trumpland, a film that examines the social and political forces that have emboldened white nationalists in the age of Trump. Note: The second speaker in the clip is Briahna Joy Gray (6 min watch).


  • Matewan “Union Speech” – clip from 1987 film (6 min watch). Note: The term “dago” is a pejorative for Italians, who were recent immigrants during the historical period of the Matewan Massacre.



Optional background reading: If you’re very new to some of the topics covered in this training, or if you haven’t taken a course with us before, here are some optional, background study materials that you might want to review:





Session Two

Session Two: Histories of Race and Class Bias

Session Recording: View Here

Chat Log: View Here

Presentation Content: David's Slides / Eleanor's Slides

Shared in the Session: The Daily Yonder: news, commentary, and analysis about and for rural America. Anti-Bias participant Sara June Jo-Sæbo is a regular contributor, and as promised here is a direct link to her latest essay: When Ingolf’s Question Went Unanswered (trigger warning: suicide).

Study Materials


We need to reclaim populism from the right. It has a long, proud leftwing history – selection from The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism, by Thomas Frank (10-15 minute read)


What the media gets wrong about the Trump supporter caricature – Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti interview George Goehl of People’s Action (9 min watch)


Why I Quit the Klan – C.P Ellis narrative collected by Studs Terkel in 1980 (20-30 minute read)


Supplemental, new assignment:

Krystal Ball: HALF Of Americans Say Civil War IMMINENT – Breaking Points (8 min watch/listen)

Anti-Black Racism, the Minstrel Show, and the Making of Whiteness – Chris Crass (pages 22-25 / 8-10 min read)


Anti-Asian Racism Creates Inequality for All – Excerpt from an Essay by Viet Thanh Nguyen (5 min read)

Invisibility is the Modern form of Racism Against Native Americans – Rebecca Nagle (5 min read)


Excerpt from MLK’s 1965 Speech in Montgomery, AL, about how Jim Crow was a tool explicitly (and effectively) designed to destroy the multiracial Populist movement that flourished briefly in the late 1800s (4 min read).

Using Dog Whistles to Undermine Government – Video from Ian Haney López (2 min watch). If you're interested, click here for more from Haney López's Race-Class Academy. Note: In session one we critiqued liberalism for not going far enough to meet people's economic needs. In this video Haney López uses the term in the positive because, when compared to right wing government, it calls for a more sizable social safety net. This was particularly true prior to the 1980s before Reagan successfully shifted all of mainstream politics to the right.


Building Accountable Relationships with Communities of Color: Some Lessons Learned – Pax Christie online resource (15-20 min read)

Activity: View Full Assignment

Assignment Summary: This week, in addition to your study materials, we are including an embodied activity for you to do — a solidarity meditation. This meditation is intended to be a reflection on the vast web of interconnections we have with other humans in a far reaching social and economic network. In the face of our society's manufactured divisions, this practice is meant to draw our mind and spirit to the potential of building the comradeship and collective power required to transform our world. Click here to read the full assignment.

Session Thee

Session Three: Next Steps for Taking Action

Session Recording: View Here

Chat Log: View Here


Study Materials


Race-Class: A Winning Electoral Narrative – Demos Action (5-7 min read)


An Interview with Heather McGee - Bad Faith Podcast (watch/listen to first 10 mins)


If Progressives Don’t Try to Win Over Rural Areas, Guess Who Will - George Goehl (8-10 min read)


Reply to Misled Worker - Article from 1930 in the Southern Worker, the CPUSA’s weekly newspaper in the South. Written by James S. Allen, the paper’s editor. Read original text (includes newspaper masthead). Or read our transcribed version (10-15 min). 


White Anti-Racism Must Be Based in Solidarity, Not Altruism - Jesse Myerson (15-18 min read)

“Learning How to Listen - Michigan” – a podcast by People’s Action (Read episode description and listen from the 8:50 mark until the end, 20 min listen)

Activity: View Full Assignment


Assignment Summary: The activities portion of this week's homework begins with a personal assessment to reflect on how you would like to deepen your external work in the world for social change. It also includes a short video of Eleanor sharing about a group of awareness practices to shed bias. We encourage you to reflect on which of these practices you might want to bring into your life on a more regular basis. Click here to read the full assignment.

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